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Your Privacy Is All We Care About!

Without privacy, our service is pointless, so trust us when we say that we take it very seriously.


We do not set any cookies for our service. Some of the services we use for tracking purposes, such as Google Analytics, will set cookies which are out of our control. Please refer to the Google privacy policy for more information.

Stored Information

When you create a secure message, we will store the date it was sent, an encrypted version of the message you are sending, and your IP address. Your IP is only used to prevent spamming and is routinely deleted from the database. Nothing else is stored, including your name or your recipient's email address. Your message cannot be accessed or opened by our staff.

Deletion of Data

When we "delete" a message, this means that we erase any trace of your message, even in its encrypted state, from our database. A record of the message is kept for our own statistical purposes, which only includes the date it was sent and the date it was opened. If you are using the commercial API, a record of which API user made the request is also maintained.

Content of Messages

We do not read, monitor, approve, or otherwise interfere with messages sent through our system. All messages are sent anonymously and we cannot be held responsible for anything that is sent through our system.

Spam Reports

If you are receiving unwanted messages through our service, please let us know your email address, and if possible, an intact message ID. We can use this to either prevent your email address from receiving any more emails from SafeBark, or if the message is still intact, we can block the IP of the poster if spam has been confirmed.