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About Safebark

Think of us as your digital shredder

E-Mail is not safe

Even if you "delete" a message, depending on how your e-mail client works, it may still be sitting on your e-mail server or your local hard drive. And worst of all, it is almost always unencrypted or sent over insecure channels.

That's where we come in.

SafeBark allows you to send one-time messages which self-destruct after being opened, or if they aren't opened, after a 12 hour period of inactivity. During the 12-hour period before self-destruction, all "barks" are securely encrypted in our database and inaccessible to everyone except your intended recipient. No record of who sent them or who opened them is kept, meaning that your privacy is always maintained.

Now that's safety!

Privacy & Data Safety

Our one and only goal is the privacy of your communications, for that reason we are completely transparent about how we handle your data (hint: with heavy encryption), how your data is temporarily stored (hint: it isn't), and who can access your data (hint: no one).

Data Flow

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Data Privacy

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Simple Concept, Powerful Features

  • Messages expire 12 hours after they are sent. Opened or unopened: they will be removed from our servers.
  • While a message is stored on our servers, it is 100% encrypted.
  • Messages are instantly deleted once they have been opened.
  • Messages will disappear from a recipient's screen shortly after they are opened and can never be reloaded or reopened.
  • Our servers can only be accessed over a secure SSL connection.